Book Review: Teach Your Children Well

I picked Teach Your Children Well: Parenting for Authentic Success by Madeline Levine, PhD as I was browsing the library and I have to say it is wonderful.  This is the book that first got me thinking about home school, though it is only mentioned once in the book.

Teach Authentic Success | Parenting Books

The book is about parenting in today’s overly academically pushed children.  Currently, there are many kids in school that have such stress about getting good grades and getting into top schools that they self medicate with stimulants, cheat and become stressed to the point of depression.  Dr. Levine teaches parents things they can do to make sure your kids are not just getting educated, but excelling in a way that matches their personalities and desires.  She teaches parents how to nurture values in their children.  The first chapters of the book talk in general about the education system and then each age group gets focused on through succeeding chapters.

I was also impressed that she keeps the text moving with stories and natural language.  After reading a lot of non-fiction self-educating books in the last number of years, I think she does a good job of keeping you engaged.  So  if you are interested in having a stress-free education or want to learn to tailor to your children’s personality you should read this book.


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