Favorite Neutral Wall Paint Colors

I have a few favorite neutral paint colors that have taken sometime and a lot of trial to come by.

Tip for choosing wall paint:

Everyone’s house is different; their light is different; their flooring tones are different.  So don’t just run with a suggestion.  Go to the paint store and pick up 4 or 5 of the SAME paint chip and place them in different positions throughout the room – near the floor, on the edge of a window, in the corner.  With the chips to help you see the different light situations you should be able to judge if the lighting and tones work well in your space.

Valspar – Allen + Roth – Elegance (ar719)

It is a taupe color with very slight green undertone but looks grey and brown most of the time.  I like that it is a medium base that helps a room feel cozy without the red tones.

neutral taupe | great bedroom color

One of my other favorites is Koi Pond by Sherwin Williams.  It looks very similar, but it actually is a nice soft green, almost a moss green paint. This is the color of my carpet so I can’t use it as a paint color.  Love it!

neutral green paint | Sherwin Williams

What are your favorite colors?


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