Tips for Gardening with Toddlers

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Toddlers are always getting into the projects you are working on, but with a few tips you can actually have fun instead of just getting frustrated that they are pulling off all the nice blossoms of your flowers.

1.  Start planting in the early morning.

This is good not only because it is cooler and you won’t get sunburned, but also because toddlers are always in a much better mood in the morning.

2.  Have plenty of tools.

Kids always like to mimic.  If you are using a shovel, they will want a shovel or some other tool that moves dirt.  Let them dig and plant along with you with their tools.

3.  Relax!

Don’t worry if your garden isn’t perfect or a blossom gets picked here or there.  Let them take  part and remember that each year you do it with them, the better your garden will be each year after that.  By the time they are 15, the garden will be just about perfect (either because they are extremely proficient… or you are doing it by yourself).


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